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Have you experienced a heartwarming talk that made you laugh? Heard a concept that made you think twice, inspired a change to your life’s trajectory and then lifted your awareness to a new level?   Have you heard a speech that transported you to the depths of frustration with no way out, yet then gave you a life changing miracle?  

Dave Letterfly found affinity with the podium over two decades ago while serving as resident artist at the largest RV dealership in the country. He combined his background in show business with the hospitality mindset to present the entertaining and informative seminar “Rolling Art, Why a Mural?” Curious admirers soon became his fascinated audience!

As an artist, circus showman, and entertainer living a fascinating life, Dave is uniquely qualified to present talks that stir the imagination. He advances listeners with new concepts, introduces alluring insights and rockets motivation.   

The artist/author Dave Letterfly Knoderer is not only the guru of living an interesting life but is also an inspirational speaker ready to take you behind the scenes of the fascinating places discovered along the road of his life. 

Only Dave Letterfly could forge road-of-life experiences with the gift of inspiration into captivating messages.  Messages that touch hearts and change lives.  

Here are just a few of the Speech titles with descriptions available;


Talk Good is a humorous poke at the world of public speaking, where Dave offers suggestions on how to make your speech memorable.

Dave's talk is a hilarious and refreshing guide that will help you navigate the world of public speaking and deliver genuinely great speeches. From tips on starting your speech (spoiler alert: don't start with "um") or how to handle those awkward pauses "Talk Good" has everything you need to make your next speech one for the books. So, request this speech from Dave today and start talking Good!


History is flexible. I used to think that history was set in stone. That the events that took place in the past were fixed and unchanging. But I was wrong. History is flexible. It's the story of how an event changed how I saw what had happened in my past and how the new perspective changed me forever.

So, if you're feeling stuck in your view of history, remember that it's flexible. And that means new perspectives can always change old prespectives. You can always change history. Book Dave for this fascinating talk today!


Fail Fast We all know the feeling of failure. That intense sensation in the pit of our stomachs when we realize we've made a mistake. We want to hide or run away and pretend it never happened. 

But what if we changed our mindset and, with it, our outcomes? What if instead of trying to avoid failure, we embraced failure with our entire mind, heart, and soul? That's the premise of Fail Fast, a keynote talk by Dave. He argues that failure is essential for learning, innovation, and excellence. When we make mistakes, we learn from them and become better people. So instead of avoiding failure, we can embrace failure and use failure as a source of growth.


Honesty and Humanity. As the world grows increasingly competitive, it can be easy to forget the importance of honesty and humanity. We are constantly driven to achieve more, beat our rivals and can lose sight of what makes us great. Our greatness as a species has always been rooted in our capacity for love. 

Dave believes that love is the foundation of our humanity; without it, we cannot hope to achieve anything lasting or meaningful. As your keynote speaker, he will remind you about the power of love.


Listen to your Broccoli is a delightfully witty talk that tells you how to live a better life. As a keynoter, Dave offers sage advice on finding something special about today and beginning to live the life of your dreams. This message will surely resonate with listeners of all ages with its mix of humor and wisdom. Whether looking for a new way to approach life or simply want a good laugh, “Listen to your Broccoli” is the perfect choice for your audience.


It's About Time. How many of you have said, "I'll do it later"? Many of us are guilty. We always think we have more time, but procrastination is our biggest enemy with making things happen. In his speech, "It's About Time," Dave shares, with transparency and humor, how crucial it is not to wait for the perfect time to do something but to do it now.

This speech will leave you with a new perspective on life and encourage you to seize every opportunity that comes your way.


Tragedy Times Two. This keynote is a must for anyone who has ever experienced tragedy. It is a powerful talk about finding strength in the face of adversity. Here, Dave captures the raw emotion of what it feels like to suffer a disaster and its consequences. He masterfully weaves together the story of his own personal tragedy with the stories of others who have faced similar challenges. Tragedy Times Two keynote is an inspirational and hope-filled message that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to face whatever life throws your way. Experience Tragedy Times Two for yourself.


Tale of Two Minds. Dave tells the story of how the human dualistic tug-of-war interferes with mindfulness. Life is not a contest but a doorway into integration and freedom. This message is about how to retrain the mind to seek balance and develop unitive consciousness. With wit and humor, Dave presents an innovative and creative argument for why we should all strive for balance in our lives. This fascinating talk will leave you thinking about how you can live a more mindful life, so book Dave today!


Torn between Two Loves is the riveting story of what Dave learned as a student of upper-level horsemanship. As any good student knows, there is always more to learn. He was able to embrace tradition, understand nuance and conclude that embracing relationships and surroundings can be beneficial. 

We can learn to see the world in new ways and develop a deeper understanding of our relationships with others. So, if you're ever feeling torn between two loves, remember that you can always find a way to bridge the gap. Dave can help your audience to do just that by combining his undeniable charm as an entertainer with the thought-provoking wisdom of an experienced student of life.

Plus, don’t forget that the speaker is also a published author, you can also request a book reading, Q & A and a discussion about his publishing experience.




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The artist/author Dave Letterfly Knoderer is not only the guru of living an interesting life but is also an inspirational podcast guest ready to take you behind the scenes of the fascinating places discovered along the road of his life. Due to his varied background as an entertainer, artist, performing horseman, author, visionary and wanderer, his ideas for motivating others, uplifting the health of the planet, the expansion of the openminded mindset and especially how to include fun in your life are apparent when he opens up during the broadcast and reveals what he is most passionate about, what makes him tick, how he propels his level of gratitude and the insatiable drive that moves him to create.   


Popular Podcast topics include;

  • How To become the Guru of Living an Interesting Life
  • Adding Fun to the Motorcycling Experience
  • The book Speedy hurled through havoc, where my passion comes from
  • The Surprising Benefits of Horsemanship
  • Pathway to Spiritual Growth
  • How performing horsemanship transformed my life
  • Having More Friends than Santa Claus

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The Seminars

Various clubs, groups and Artists Guilds enjoy the interesting, often funny and revealing Seminar called: “Rolling Art, Why a Mural?” where Dave shares anecdotes from his colorful career of creating painted personal expressions for a variety of end-users. He will disclose what to expect when people commission personal art. Revealed is the often-turbulent mental gamut in the mind of the creative starting with the interview, visualization, composition, and the planning that becomes a viable process to accomplish their objective.

 Also covered are the steps that go into the creation of their personal masterpiece, and what takes place in the mind of the artist during the creation of their artwork. Designed to be enlightening, educational and entertaining, Dave pokes fun at imaginatives with our particular personality quirks, unusual perceptions and what it is that we consider frustrating. You will laugh as Dave shows how these mental processes actually benefit the creative soul and enhances the lives of others. 

The Motorcycle Seminar

HOG Chapter members, motorcycle aficionados or anyone who is interested in finding out how traditional hand painted artwork can enhance the motorcycling experience will benefit from the educational and enlightening seminar entitled “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” Dave will discuss what goes into the traditional manner of “Old School” pinstripe designs, the variety of flames that are in abundance today, how a simple hand lettered inscription can communicate a statement or serve to identify a cause or provoke an emotion. An informative portion of the talk will involve the steps that go into the creation of the spectacular custom paint jobs with an opportunity for questions from anyone interested in the technical aspects of this interesting facet of the biker culture.

The RV Seminar

This entertaining and educational talk enlightens members of the motor home community, interested novices, and other aficionados about the tradition and experience of having decorative paint on a variety of RVs. In addition to being the most prolific of all the RV airbrush mural artists, an old school pinstriper, gold leaf gilder, lettering man and creator of high-quality graphics for tow-cars and custom paint of all kinds, Letterfly is also a teacher and educator who enjoys hosting this entertaining seminar called; “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” for groups of interested RVers.

In addition to revealing how custom paint makes the RV experience more fun, Dave also explains all aspects of custom paint and answers questions from those interested in paint options. RV enthusiasts, professionals, and do-it-yourselfers in need of direction and encouragement benefit from this often-humorous disclosure about this interesting facet of the motor home culture.

Letter Fly

Toastmasters International

His quest for improvement as a speaker in the spotlight led to engagement with Plant City Toastmasters, where speech development, public speaking and leadership skills are improved in a supportive and dynamic community.

With his dedication to positive awareness in the community, Dave effectively produces apropos agendas to enrich civic club meetings, round table discussions, organized get-togethers, and spontaneous gatherings.  

The Cherette

This guided “brain storming” session is designed to facilitate the complex decision-making process of a committee and enlighten everyone in attendance about the usual challenges, pitfalls and benefits of public art in the community.

The Cherette is perfect for any group exploring the inclusion of mural art to enhance the community, retail experience or business environment. Versed in the production of custom art for fifty plus years Dave is the perfect person to guide the community through the procedure for creating public art and facilitate the decision-making process. 

Perfect for any group entertaining the inclusion of mural art to celebrate a unique facet of their region, this informative talk is designed to promote positive awareness for the entire group and guide the host committee toward the best possibility for everyone involved.

Because of his background as an artist and having a handle on addressing large groups, Letterfly is ideally suited to present a Cherette for guests who have questions about any aspect of mural art for their community.

Letter Fly